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Who are we?

“From insider threat mapping to external threat mitigation, we provide reliable and reassuring intelligence services to individuals and organisations. Over the span of five years, Stern Advisory India has discovered a unique solution in the field of background investigation; from intelligence gathering processes to global background vetting standards.

Our senior partners have unrivalled expertise in government profiling and due diligence investigations, as a result, Stern Advisory India has cemented its position as a top-tier background intelligence partner in APAC and MENA. We specialise in gathering critical information about an individual’s past and analysing it to determine as to whether it can be detrimental to future professional transactions/associations; ranging from complex fraud to routine investigations.

Off late, in order to mitigate the increasingly complex human capital fraud risks, Stern Advisory India has established a dedicated wing – <<Stern Screening>>. Being headquartered in India with offices in Europe and Israel, this is a more transparent and innovative background vetting solution.

Why we are different?

We understand and navigate the working practices and cultures in specific countries while staying up to date with the latest global workforce fraud trends through continuous research and analysis. Our in-house staff has developed specific linguistic and regional expertise which helps unearth useful information for our clients and produce narrative reports.

Furthermore, we have a proven global capability to deliver insight-rich reports; our specialists lead a network of suppliers based across the world. Thus, we do not limit ourselves to merely ticking the boxes; we understand the significance of employee-employer relationship as a validated relationship. Additionally, owing to our cutting-edge analytical and investigative skills, we have delivered results for largely inaccessible regions.

What is Stern Screening?

In a globalised world, corporate fraud is rampant and thriving on the lack of true knowledge. We empower organisations with adequate knowledge, so they make precise and succinct recruitment decisions. With attention to detail and keen analytics, we don’t just provide you the outcome; we provide deep insights into hiring patterns and evidentiary support to substantiate the same.

Stern Screening offers customisable background screening solutions which have subject matter experts at its helm. With focus on value and efficiency, we embrace the concept of partnering with your business to deliver the best-in-class results. Having been developed through continuous research, development and analysis of global screening trends; Stern Screening ensures strict compliance with international vetting laws.

Additionally, owing to a global and reliable network of sources and suppliers, we have delivered results in remote areas. By the virtue of a committed workforce, Stern Screening ensures real-time initiation of cases, thus, delivering absolute authenticity in quick turnaround time through an agile technological interface. As a result, simultaneous data flow helps us keep our clients abreast of HR industry fraud risk trends and practices.

Training the workforce

Stern Screening prides itself on its core team. We have an impressive and diverse assortment of sentinels that are assigned to their area of expertise. Together, with their wide industry experience and a thorough grasp of their specialism, we deliver premier screening solutions to our client organisations. Transparency, a knack for detailing and flexibility in solution providence are the key traits we stand by at Stern.

With Stern, what you see is what you get. As made clear by our company’s motto – Intelligence on your side.”