Frequently asked questions

General Information

What does a typical background check reveal?

Typical background check can help verify: –

  1. questions answered by the candidate in the employment application, and
  2. information provided by them on their resume

Depending on the client’s request, background check could be as basic as checking references or as detailed as verifying police criminal records at state and district levels, gaps between employments (previous employer(s) check), residence verification, credit record checks, and education checks.

Is consent of the person to be background checked needed to legally order a background check for employment purposes?

Different countries have different laws. In our experience, some countries are strict about candidate consent prior to screening, while others do not have laws in place. For facilitating smooth screening, we request all our clients to have the prospective candidates sign the legal consent, which means that the candidate would remain under the knowledge that a background check is being conducted on them.

What are the different ways in which a corporate could be cheated?

There are several faces of Employee Fraud. Being forewarned is forearmed. Making informed decisions before embarking on major contracts/ deals is what necessitates pre-employment screening. Given below is a gist of common employee frauds/ discrepancies that one usually comes across;

  • Employees use fake identities to hide employment discrepancies
  • Candidates fake their immigration status to obtain employment
  • Faking educational/ professional qualifications
  • Faking references
  • Fudging older employment records to cover gaps
  • Concealing professional history
  • Withholding status of a criminal record/ pending cases
  • Concealing financial mistakes/ crimes

What information is needed for an accurate background check?

The most important pieces of information that the candidate must provide correctly are:

  1. Spelling of first and last name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Residential address details
  4. Previous employer’s details
  5. Education details

For education check, the candidate must provide a scanned copy of their degree alongside the roll number. Many employers demand candidate’s authorisation for employment verification. In any case, the candidate is required to furnish the names of all their previous employers. Likewise, a separate approval for criminal verification is also demanded by the concerned police station. If a candidate unknowingly provides incorrect address of their residence, permission is granted to our specialists to directly consult with the candidate over the issue.

Background Check Process

How does this process work?

As soon as the client sends across the information, our Accounts Executive, who also acts as the single point-of-contact to the client, will verify whether the client sent across all the necessary documents for verification. In case the information being provided is found to be incomplete, the Executive would request the client to furnish all the documents. Thereafter, each department conducts their respective verification procedures.

After all the verifications have been completed by each of the department, our Client team will generate the report accordingly and share it with the client after performing a comprehensive quality check on it. The Accounts Executive will then send across the final report to the client over secure email communication.

What are the reasons due to which a background check might be delayed?

Delays in delivering screening reports occur when the concerned authorities, whether, for example, the Human Resources department or the concerned department in a University are found unable to respond to the verification queries on time. Though such occurrences are rare, when delays do happen we consult the client to advise on the next plan of action.

In how many days can we get results on education and criminal record checks?

On an average, a criminal record check takes around 15 business days to complete. Education record check takes between 15-20 business days, on an average, to finish.

How far back do you look for criminal records in a background check?

Criminal record check is applicable from the time the individual in question began living in the particular locality. Depending on the client’s specification, criminal record check could be conducted on both the permanent residence and the current temporary residence of an individual. The prevailing industry standards, however, indicate conducting a criminal record check as far as seven years back from the time of the conduction of background screening.

Client Reporting

What is your turnaround time?

The turnaround time remains under the keen watch of the Accounts Executive, who liaises with all the concerned departments and makes sure that the turnaround time is never compromised. Over 55% of our reports get finished within the 48-hour period and over 85% within the 72-hour timeframe. Furthermore, we also inform the client in case we face any delays in completing the report.

Do you also deliver prompt background screening reports?

For an additional charge, background screening reports that are required by a client on an urgent basis are treated as a special case. When the client request arrives, our analysts begin working on it immediately. We put in extra effort to gather requisite information within the 24 hours of initialising the screening operation and then update the report as and when any information pertinent to the case is delivered to us. Prompt background screening operations are advisable when the client needs to hire a candidate on an urgent basis. Moreover, a client can request for an Express Delivery package at the time of the quotation.

How comprehensive information does the report include?

Candidate’s report contains all the instructions given by the client, alongside the candidate’s details. Each candidate’s report is labelled with Stern’s unique reference number. Furthermore, individual sections are added in the report for each process along with the status and detailed information. We use three colour codes in each of the section. Green denotes that no discrepancies were found, Amber denotes minor discrepancies being found, while Red indicates critical discrepancies.

In what format are the reports provided?

The reports are provided in a non-editable format. However, the client can request us for supplementary remarks (wherever required) and we would do the needful and share the report.

Payments Processing

What is the invoicing and payment process?

A computer generated invoice is shared with the client on the first of every month for the previous month after having received approval for the same. As per the contract, the credit period for a client is 30 business days i.e. the client has to clear the full payment within 30 business days from the date of invoice generation.

What costs are generally applicable? Is it a package which includes certain checks or can I customise it?

Each type of check carries an amount. The pricing also depends on the executive level at which the check is being carried out. We can recommend you a package for the checks we feel would be necessary, or else you may also customise the checks to be performed as per your requirement.

Apart from the service costs agreed upon as a part of the contract, would I incur any further costs?

Ideally the costs you would incur would be in line with the agreement/ contract; the only additional cost apart from the service charges are the pay order amount being paid as a part of the education checks to the universities. The issuance of pay order is necessary for the verification process at certain universities. Wherever such charges are applicable necessary documents, such as receipt, or the copy of the pay order, will be provided in form of the evidence.

Drug Screening

Do you provide Drug Screening and what procedure do you follow?

Yes, we provide Drug Screening for employees. We provide urine panel tests which cover a combination of 15 drugs. Our lab partners visit candidates at a scheduled time and collect samples. This takes up to 5-7 business days within which we notify the client about the result.

What are the different types of Drug Screening?

For Drug Screening through urine sample, we offer the following panels:-

  • Panel 5
  • Panel 6
  • Panel 7
  • Panel 8
  • Panel 9
  • Panel 10
  • Panel 11
  • Panel 12